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My vertex maps don't render

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My vertex maps don't render


I created vertex maps using the xparticles vertex map, they work fine in the ipr but don't rendeer at all in the final renderer... What did I do wrong?

The image with the green is the result of the ipr and it's what I would like to have in my final render.




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Could this help maybe?

Worth checking if the vertex map renders fine with the Standard/Physical renderer.

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@Peter, Thank you for your answer. I already checked this topic before posting and I am not sure the solution works in my case... My vertex map is an xp vertex map as well but I don't have any emitter which doesn't allow me to use the wet map tag.

I don't know how to use vertex maps with native c4d materials to try the standard renderer...

Here is my file, maybe you can figure my problem out.

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Thanks for the scene and sorry for the late reply.

The polymesh generated by the Sweep Object has the vertex map directly assigned in the IPR, however not in the final render. In final render only the Sweep Object has the map but not the generated polymesh and this is a use-case which is currently not supported by the plugin. But the use-case seems to be valid, because the Standard Renderer renders the map fine. I'm going to fix this in a next release.

Until then you can work around it by adding an Arnold tag to the Sweep Object, go to the Export tab, change the Export vertex map mode to 'selected' and drag and drop the vertex map from the Sweep Object to the Vertex maps list.


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Thank you very much, it works perfectly!

Have a nice day 🙂

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