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Material advise needed / Transparent Plastic with polarization spots

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Material advise needed / Transparent Plastic with polarization spots

Guys, please give me a hint. I am trying to achieve a look of transparent plastic with a visible polarization effect.

I made a layered material where the first layer is transparent plastic (Specular IOR 1,5), the second layer is a material which gives me a polarization effect - it contains a Coat and Thin Film. Specular IOR of the second layer is set to 1 (thats the only option when the polarization is visible).


In general, its very close to what I am trying to achieve, but there is some artifacts which are bothering me. I am having double refraction - you can see that the car lights are 'double visible' through the plastic cover.


Please advice, how to setup a material to avoid this double refraction.


PS. Sorry for a pic quality its a phone photo from the screen.

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Do you have the issue with just a standard_surface with the 'glass' preset?

Can you share the shader or screengrab it? 

Nice render, by the way. I thought it was photo reference when I first saw it 🙂 

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Omg, Lee, a compliment from you means a lot for me, its like a Master Yoda approval!!! Switched to Arnold after yours article about OSL Micro Scratches shader!


I will upload my shader/screenshots in the evening when I'll get home.


In general I think that my approach is wrong - of course I am having a 'double refraction' because there are two materials with different Specular IOR placed in  one layered material. But when I am trying to have a Thin Film (polarization effect) in standard_surface effect is not visible (I might be wrong, but it seams that Thin Film works only when Specular IOR is 1)

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