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Mandelbulb C4D Tutorial - no Mandelbulb & crashes immediately

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Mandelbulb C4D Tutorial - no Mandelbulb & crashes immediately

Hello dear team Arnold and everyone who can help me
I try to create a Mandelbulb

But I fail miserably

Spec: Win10; C4d R19; Arnold 2.4.1 Core (Demo)

I follow these instructions:
Mandelbulb Tutorial C4D

i have the file mandelbuld_proc.dll downloaded from the Tutorial above
loaded into the directory C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R19\plugins\C4DtoA\procedurals

I start C4D and create Arnold*:

- *skydome_light
- *persp_camera
- *Procedural
- *standard_surface linked to Procedural

then I click on Arnold Procedural (object) and see:
Main/Type/ Drop-Down Menu/Alembic;Mandelbulb;ASS

Beautiful! Arnold has the plug Arnold has found the plugin and I see a new tab Mandelbulb with a set I can set -> Visibility/Sideness/Receive shadows and so on and so forth below the things shown in the tutorial: Grid size/Max iterations and so on...

but after I click on Render or want to look at it in IPR

"The plugin ai.dll has crashed"

Things I've been trying to do:
Maybe it's the OS and it's a read/write problem so I've got it under:
Edit Render Setting/Arnold Renderer/System/Plugin search patch

and here I have indicated another directory where the mandelbulb_proc.dll is to be found but also this did not lead to any Mandelbulb ...

another mondelbulb_proc.dll from the Maya Tutorial but still no Mandelbulb

Help 🙂

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in reply to: Jonte_Berglund

I have the same issue with mtoa, I complied the source file building the mtd file.
And all work fine, I can play with parameters to get variety.

Render with skydome etc.. all work fine

The crah happen when I try to assign any arnold shader.

Even If I copy the mandelbulb from houdini, the crash happen only when I try to assign any arnold shader

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in reply to: Jonte_Berglund

The mandelbulb procedural is compiled for Arnold It will crash with current Arnold core 5.2, since procedurals require recompilation for that version (see release notes for Arnold I suppose it should work if you install an older C4DtoA version (like, which uses 5.1 core).

Since the source is available, I compiled the procedural with SDK Arnold 5.2 in attachment (.dylib for MacOS, .dll for Windows)

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in reply to: Anonymous

mine crashes as soon as i hit mandelbulb 😞

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in reply to: beshoysaad4

Are you using the re-compiled version from Sen's post? It works.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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