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Loft Nurb with cloned spline wont render in IPR

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Loft Nurb with cloned spline wont render in IPR

screen-shot-2018-11-05-at-34243-pm-2.png Here is a screenshot of my project. I have a spline with baked PLA animation cloned and then have a loft extruding it. The problem i am finding is the cloner. Arnold renders loft nurbs, but once i add that cloner it disapears. Any ideas?

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Seems like a bug. I'll take a look and let you know.

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This case requires a special handling in the code. Will be fixed in the next release.

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thanks Peter. when will this be?

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Within two weeks, hopefully. But if you need the fix sooner, I can send you a build on Monday.

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That would be amazing man. Thank you for the quick response to, you guys are awesome over there.

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Here's the build with the fix. Please let me know how it works.

password: PTU9hKMf79

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Hey Peter, Sorry to be a pain, but do you have this for R17, my company will be updating to R20 later in 2019.

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Do you want the fix in the latest build (, or in an older one?

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Can i have the fix in the latest build that works in R17? thanks again.

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