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Loading c4dtoa (r20) from centralized network location // crash

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Loading c4dtoa (r20) from centralized network location // crash


We use a centralized network location to load all our plugins. Prior to r20 this location was set as an environment variable (C4D_PLUGINS_DIR). Now in r20 this variable is skipped and you can instead set multiple plugin locations in the c4d preferences.This is great, apart from the fact that Cinema crashes on startup when c4dtoa is present in this server folder. Using the latest version of both c4d (r20.030) and c4dtoa ( Other plugins load when c4dtoa is removed. If installed in the default plugins dir, c4dtoa is loading as expected.

Would be great if you can have a look at this as we really prefer to have a shared plugin path for our plugins as it makes it soooo much more convenient to keep track of versions and updates among all workstations and rendernodes.


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Is it Windows? I had a similar report recently, but I could not reproduce it. I guess because I used the g_additionalModulePath environment variable and not the Preferences. If I set the path in the Preferences, I've got the crash. I'm looking into it. Meanwhile can you check if the env var works for you?

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That works great. I actually prefer this method. Do you know if this is a new env variable introduced in r20?

Thanks again, great support! @Peter Horvath

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Whoops, my bad. Still crash. Had it installed locally as a workaround and thats why it seemed to load from server.

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Hmm, interesting. Anyway, I'll try to fix this for the upcoming release.

This is a new variable, yes. Check out the online documentation for all env vars:

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Thanks @Peter Horvath

Here's the cmd output

CRITICAL: Stop [ge_win_window.cpp(1396)]
Error: application crashed
C4DUnhandledExceptionFilter: writing exception info
C4DUnhandledExceptionFilter: writing call stacks

Have a crash log and dump if needed.


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No need for the log, thanks, I already have the fix. Please try this build. Preferences and the env var, both should work.

password: 4t7qFc

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in reply to: calle.thor

Thanks! Will test after the weekend!

Have a great one!


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Just had a go at it but unfortunately, it still crashes. Both prefs and env. var.
Loads fine installed locally.


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I'm pretty sure it worked for me. How do you specify the path? I think I've tested with a mapped drive.

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Ok, hmmm.

Do you map it by assigning a drive letter? (map network location) So your path is X:\\server\path\to\plugins?

I've pointed the path simply \\server\path\to\plugins. As all machines are on the same domain with credentials setup this works in other cases. Have tried both as user env var & system env var just in case. Using the r20 prefs way, dragging the desired network folder straight into the prefs yields the same path. ie, no drive letter. Guess I could try by assigning a drive letter but really like to avoid mapping this drive on each computer individually.

We use Deadline and one major advantage is that you can sideload an env var along with the job submission. This way we don't even have to set the env var on every render node individually. Its created with the render task.

The test that I have done this far is on my workstation though & setting the env var through system settings.

I still have the old C4D_PLUGINS_DIR active as we need r19 for a transitional period. Could that be an issue?

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I've tried with a network driver, but of course the network path (\\server\whatever) should work as well. And indeed it crashes. I guess I know where the problem is.

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I've uploaded a new build ( Could you please give it a try before I release it?

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in reply to: calle.thor

Thanks! Will do!

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in reply to: calle.thor

Awesome, it works! Thanks, great support.

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Great, thanks or the feedback. Will be released soon in 2.4.3 (I hope today).

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C4DtoA 2.4.3 is released, containing the fix. Thanks for the feedback.

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