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Lights look changed after updating to 3.3.0

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Lights look changed after updating to 3.3.0

Hi, guys. Got some weird issue with HDRI lights look after updating from C4DtoA 3.2.1 to 3.3.0. The overall look changed and some lights became much brighter while the others giving me different results compared to the previous version 3.2.1 which looked totally fine. I've render the same scene using both 3.2.1 and 3.3.0. I'm also using include/exclude sets with all of my HDRIs, but it doesn't seem to cause the issue. I have no idea what's wrong, but it hurts :(( Any help, pls!akr-mo-armrests-masters-web-321.pngakr-mo-armrests-masters-web-330.pngscreenshot-2021-02-11-215221.png

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in reply to: dmareta

The standard_surface.base default was moved from 0.8 to 1.0. Could it be that?

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in reply to: thiago.ize

I heard that default values changed, but it seems like it's more about the lights itself then mats. Regarding to the mats, does that mean that I should bring down the spec values?

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Can you post an example scene or send it to support? (after removing the light include/exclude sets)

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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There was a change in the skydome where HDRIs were rotated compared to other renderers. See

In theory, old scenes (prior 3.3.0) should not be affected. If you look at the Arnold Sky it should be rotated by -90° around H after you load the scene and produce the same result.

Could you please send your scene to support so I can take a look and find out what's different?

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The difference is caused by the change in skydome export in C4DtoA 3.3.0. A logic was added to preserve the look of old (prior 3.3.0) scenes, however it was added only to the Arnold Sky object, but not to the skydome type Arnold Light object. It will be fixed in an upcoming bugfix release.

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Fixed in C4DtoA

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