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Light Mixer restart IPR

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Light Mixer restart IPR

I made a scene with a Skydome containing HDRi. Copied it couple times and changed orientation of each. Then assigned each dome to a different group. Added Light Mixer to an Post Processing in IPR... and it does not working.

At least it does not working the way it supposed to be - when any manipulation of Light Mixer is done - IPR restarting. With any adjustment - intensity of any dome, soloing any dome etc.


The same happens with other Tone Map - any adjustment restart IPR.


I am doing something wrong?

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I can not reproduce it with the latest C4DtoA on Windows. Do you have maybe something else in the scene which triggers the update? Can you reproduce it in a new scene by just adding skydomes? If so, could you please send me that scene?

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer

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