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Light Mixer has weird interaction with C4D emitter object

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Light Mixer has weird interaction with C4D emitter object

An emitter without a child object will cause the light mixer to refresh on any change made to the lights. As long as the emitter has a child object the light mixer works as indented.

My current scene set up requires the cloner to be in object mode to clone on to the emitter. I can work around this limitation but was wondering why this might be happening?
Emitter with child.c4d

The light mixer with work as intended with the emitter

Emitter without child.c4d

Will redraw each time you make a change to the light in the light mixer

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It's definitely a bug, which triggers an update on any changes when the Emitter has no child object assigned. I'll try to fix this in the next release.

Meanwhile you should be able to work around it by adding an Arnold tag to the emitter, change the Render mode to points or spheres and disable all visibility flags or set the Radius multiplier to 0, so no objects are actually rendered by the Emitter.

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Great, Thanks Peter!

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