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Is per light AOV with volumetric effect possible ?

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Is per light AOV with volumetric effect possible ?

I want to render our per light AOV with volumetric fog effect.

But the volumetric light are in the emission aov category (with all lights).

Is there a way to separate each light with volumetric fog ?
Even if I check light group in the emission aov , it does't show up in the render.
Has anyone done this before? so frustrating right now.

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Per light AOVs are not supported with the atmosphere_volume, it's a limitation at the moment. The workaround is to use a scaled Arnold Volume in Box mode around the scene. Than you can enable light groups for the volume AOVs.

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Thanks! I'll that out.

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What about now? Is this limitation corrected already? @Peter Horvath

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in reply to: Anonymous

No. atmosphere_volume still uses an older volume system, and light groups don't work with that older system.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Hi. I was able to separate the light using arnold volume but there seems to be some shadowing over the whole scene now. Top image is the arnold volume at work to get the lights visible, bottom image is atmosphere in the environment render settings.

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its been almost 6 year and they still didn't add it..the thing is if you use the arnold volume in box mode for huge scenes it eats up the render time a lot compared to the regular aiAtmosphere. and it also changes the look of the scene.

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