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Infinite Ocean

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Infinite Ocean

Hi guys,

Has anyone ever tried to render an infinite ocean with C4DtoA ? I'm trying to get a result using noise but it is not good enough as my camera needs to fly like 1 meter over the surface of the water ...

I also have Houdini Indie but didn't find a way to import the large scale ocean to C4D (yet) ?

Any advice appreciated.



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Well, I was moving forward with noise and displacement but now I get triangles in my renders, as if Arnold was not smoothing the plane properly


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in reply to: Francis_Bievre

You may need to increase subdivision iterations for the plane.

An ocean tutorial is available here.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Hi Lee,

Thank your for taking the time to reply.

Yes I know this tutorial but it does not help me getting an infinite ocean, unfortunately. But it gave me the idea to try exporting a 4k displacement map of a looped Houdini large ocean and use it in C4DtoA.

I'm a beginner at Houdini but I'll post a few images if it works to help someone in the future ...


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It worked ! I exported a 100 frames loop of a Houdini ocean (500m*500m) as 32bits displacement maps in .exr

I apply it to a 250m*250 plane in C4D (500 was too big I had to push the iterations levels too high for animation ...) and tadaaaah, it works ! Here is a quick test render.

I think I will render twice for the final animation : once with my 250m2 sea, then with a huge sea with no subdivision that I will composite under my detailed sea in post, so that my sea reaches the horizon.

For people rendering with the standard renderer there is an infinite ocean plug-in for C4D, but when you use a third party engine it's quite complicated ....

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