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image colour variation query

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image colour variation query


I'm getting some funny changes with the appearance of textures.. i'll try and explain...

Setup 1

image node piped straight into Beauty - image is represented exactly as the original jpeg.

Setup 2

image node into base colour of a standard material

+ image node with alpha into cutout opacity channel

then this goes into the Beauty.

For setup 2 there is an subtle desaturation of the image even though the standard surface parameters (as far as i can see are zero'd or max'ed out)

So.. Is there a trick to getting the image output in Setup 2 to be accurate


is there another way to add an alpha cutout when using just the image node direct to beauty.

Thanks for any thoughts


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If you pipe the image into the beauty, you basically get an emissive surface, affected by no lights. While connecting the texture to the base color of a standard shader it represents a diffuse layer affected by the lighting. That's the difference between the two setups.

If you really need an emissive surface/look, you can connect the texture to the emission color input of the standard surface shader and turn off base and specular.

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Amazing - I knew there would be a way - Thanks kindly

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