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I have critical Problem with Specular and Photometric Lights

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I have critical Problem with Specular and Photometric Lights

hi, i have very bad issue with photometric lights and standard surface shader. when the IPR window has been activated, suddenly C4D would close without showing any warnings. I think this problem cause when i used standard surface shader with specular. when specular set to 0 IPR is just works fine. but when i put some value in the specular main input, C4D was closed and i dont undrestand why. but when i dont have any photometric lights in the scene IPR window works well, but when i create photometric light in the same scene C4D suddenly close.

please help me.

my current version is

C4DtoA 2.4.0

Arnold core

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Could be a bug in Arnold or a problem with that specific photometric light. Can you reproduce the problem in a new scene with only a standard surface and a photometric light? Could you please send me the IES profile?

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