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How to work with the EXR-Driver?

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How to work with the EXR-Driver?

exr-driver.jpgHi Guys,

I'm currently setting up some shots for rendering on a farm. For the AOV Output I'm using 3 different drivers. One jpg driver to put out simple masks, one tiff driver to put out speculars, diffuse, etc. and one exr driver to put out Z-Depth, Normals, MotionVector and a custom AO pass.

Sadly though I can't get the EXR Driver to work. All the others work fine, but the EXR only outputs completely black frames. There seems to be some data in there, as the different passes (Z,N,MV,AO) have distinctly different file sizes from another, but no matter how high I crank the exposure on those passes in AE or PS, they stay completely black.

When I put the passes from an EXR Driver into a TIFF Driver however, those passes all of the sudden work perfectly fine.

I attached my settings for the driver - is there anything wrong with those?

Any help appreciated!


Also my motionvector is automatically output as a greyscale!"? I better go to sleep now...

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Sounds odd. There is no difference between the usage of an EXR or a TIFF driver. Your settings are fine. Are there any errors in the log maybe? What if you try a new scene with a single Cube and an exr driver?

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in reply to: infoMMJ2X

Yeah, there definetly was something weird going on. I have cleared all Drivers, made a new Rendersetting, set the drivers up again fresh and now it's working as expected.

Might it be, that I messed something up before, because I moved single AOVs to another driver in the Object Manager? Now I completely stuck to the AOV manager in the rendersettings to move AOVs from one driver to another.

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Moving or duplicating the AOVs in the Object Manager should work as well, so I'm not sure what was going on. Let me know if you can reproduce the issue and I'll take a look.

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in reply to: infoMMJ2X

Ok, good to know. Should it also be possible to duplicate a driver in the Object Manager?

Once I'm finished with this project I can try to reproduce the issue, because as said, I definetly seemed to have f**** something up, as the Motionvector was also automatically save as a greyscale image, which was absoluetly weird.

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Yes, any operation should be allowed in Object Manager regarding drivers and AOVs. The AOV Manager in the render settings does the same thing basically, creating and modifying objects.

Maybe the data type of the AOVs were messed up somehow, I don't know. Would be nice to figure out and fix it if there's a bug.

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in reply to: infoMMJ2X

Ok, thanks for the info! 🙂 Regarding Data Taype - the MotionVector AOV definetly still showed Vector2 in the Object Manager.

I'll come back to this once I have time to do some proper testing - just glad I got it working now.

Thanks again!

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