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How to use C4D vertex map as an alpha in Arnold 5

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How to use C4D vertex map as an alpha in Arnold 5

I have a vertex map that grows using fields in C4D. I have tried adding it to the Base - Weight in my material. The colour is bleeding through the object as per vertex amp but the rest of the object is still visible. Is there a way to use a vertex map as an alpha for the object in Arnold 5?

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Yo...use the vertex map node and drag your vertex map into it....then use it for what you need...If you have any issues tell me.

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You can control the Cutout opacity of the standard_surface shader with the vertex map. Don't forget to add an Arnold tag to your mesh and disable Opaque.

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Hello, I'm having a similar dilemma trying to mix two fluids using x-particles. I've been able to use the xparticles vertex map to control the Cutout opacity of the shader but it just shows up invisible (both with the Opaque tag enabled/disabled). Any help is appreciated. Screengrab of my settings attached.


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For material stacking (I believe that's what you're after here) set the vertex map on the Alpha (stacking) tab of the Arnold Material instead of the Cutout opacity. Alternatively you can create one Arnold Material with the two standard_surface shaders connected to a mix_shader driven by the vertex map, like this:


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Thank you Peter - the mix shader worked great

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