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How to solve Jagged Edges in Z Depth Pass?

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How to solve Jagged Edges in Z Depth Pass?

Hi, I wanted to ask about a problem I am having with the Z pass when extracting it in Cinema 4D with Arnold.


I have seen that there is a similar post in this forum but without a clear answer, so I open again this question. When extracting the Z pass and trying to composite it in After Effects, I see that it has jagged edges.

I have tried changing the filter of the Z pass in particular, from closest to gaussian, but the result does not improve much. This happens even with the simplest scenes.

I have also tried the FXAA plugin in After Effects, but it doesn't solve the problem at all either.
So, I wanted to ask about what would be the process to get rid of these jagged edges, either when rendering in Cinema 4D or in the subsequent compositing. In the rest of the passes I don't have this problem, it only happens in Z Depth.

I look forward to your answer and thank you very much in advance.

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Here's a workflow suggestion from another post:

If you anti-alias your Z-depth pass, any anti-aliased pixels would indicate wrong depth values and result in artefacts. In case of aliased Z-depth pass and anti-aliasing on the image, the passes don't align exactly which result in another type of edge artefacts. You can deal with the second problem by rendering your aliased Z-depth pass at double resolution. Add the oversized Z-depth pass and the image pass (scaled at 200%) in a pre-comp. Apply Lenscare and then scale the pre-comp back to 100% in another comp.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer

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