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How to read Alembic parameters?

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How to read Alembic parameters?


I have export particles from RealFlow as abc. When i exported the files i checked id and velocity parameters. As default these are rendered as spheres. How I can overwrite this and use own shape (like in tp i can use child object)? Secondly i would like to use "utility" to randomize colors but it doesn't work. I think reason is that objectid not work. How i can read this id variable from abc file and tell Arnold that this is objectid?

Thank you

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Sorry for the late reply. How do you read the Alembic file? Do you use the Arnold alembic procedural, or the C4D Alembic export? I'm not sure if it's possible to use custom shape instances via alembic at the moment. If you could transform the data to Thinking Particles that wold be a nice workaround.

Have you tried the uniform ID instead of the object ID in the utility shader?

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