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how to make a more uniform and darker reflection?

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how to make a more uniform and darker reflection?

Hello, I have setup a floor with a texture image set and trying to capture both shadow and reflections from white&black ball. Since "standard_surface" material renders the image that I want a bit darker than it should be, I just imported it on "image" node (in the attachment, it will be a checkerboard instead) and linked it to "shadow_matte" node to capture both shadow and reflection. However, I cannot seem to get a more uniform and darker reflection onto the floor. By this I mean, white ball reflects much brighter and black ball's reflection just blends with the floor and is almost invisible.


In real life that I tested, reflections are more uniform and darker shade (therefore much more obvious to our eyes) like a silhouette.


I've gotten a more uniform reflection result (now the black ball's reflection is visible) by emitting each ball but it's just too white and I don't want any balls to emit light in final render.


What would be a good workaround this? I want to achieve reflections with a more uniform shade that are visible to eyes despite what the color of the ball may be; so you can think of it like having another shadow in terms of shade, but that behaves like a reflection, not a shadow. It is very hard to explain but I hope someone could guide me in a right direction.. Thank you in advance!

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This is a situation i've found myself in before and i'm not sure I have the answer (look forward to any further responses here), but I suspect it's to do with the IOR of the floor. If you reduce the IOR of the floor material to 0, do you get the reflection you're after?

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I've already set IOR to 0 in the scene above.. Raising it just makes them even worse and disappear 😞

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