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How to link files in overrides?

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How to link files in overrides?


I am having troubles with the overrides in the arnold procedural. I can't get the disp_map expression to work, it always give me "unresolved reference". I guess I am writing the path wrong, but I tried everything I could guess. Can someone tell me the exact format, if absolute or relative and with or without quotation marks?

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It's maybe because the shader you want to overwrite with is not exported? Normally a shader/material is exported only when it's 'used', which means the plugin detects that it's linked to an object. If you just specify the name in the override expression, the plugin does not know, it's used.

You can try to use the set_parameter operator instead, which has the 'Linked nodes' field specifically for this.

In the next release I will add a new Displacement option to the procedural overrides to make things easier.

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The thing is, it loads the shader and loads also all the other maps perfectly fine. Just displacement is not happening.

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Check out this scene, which uses the set_parameter operator:

To see the changes you have to restart the IPR. This workflow will be much better in the next release, which will be out soon.

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Thanks for that example Peter, the problem is I have a displacement map as .tx. And I still cant get it to load it. It always tells me 'unresolved reference'. this was why I was asking how to properly reference the image node in the shader.

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Should be the same. Instead of the noise shader in the example you have an image shader or a displacement shader in your Arnold material, right? So you have to reference its name instead of the noise.

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Thanks Peter, got it working. I couldnt get my head wrapped around it and tried desparedly to specify the file, not the node in the shader :S

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Displacement and Subdivision modes are added to the Arnold Procedural parameter overrides in C4DtoA 2.3.1. Check this tutorial.

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