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how to fix padding error

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how to fix padding error

disp] /Cube: padding is at least 4.56x smaller than it should be! given disp_padding: 0.00100000005, recommended: 0.0050106775

how does one read and fix this error its super confusing I read the displacement shader page but don't understand to much I've been using Arnold for 3 years now and its a shame but I still haven't figured the displacement in Arnold right to get perfect and realistic displacement heights

but I need the best master class please someone

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It's a warning, not an error. Some times a too-small displacement bounds (aka disp_padding aka Bounds Padding) can cause weird artificats. But other times may not be causing any problems in a scene.

You set the Bounds Padding to the recommended value. Since the value in the CINEMA 4D is in cm, you probably want to multiply the recommended value by 100.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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