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How to export ASS files on Linux

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How to export ASS files on Linux

Today we work with Cinema 4D R24 on Windows; we use C4DtoA- to locally export the ASS files.
Then we use Arnold on a Linux render farm to read the ASS and render the images.
We would like to change our workflow and, instead of exporting the ASS files from the Windows user machines, to export the ASS files from the Linux Render Farm.
If our render farm platform was Windows, I would use the c4dpy tool to execute the python script to export the ASS files.
However, as far as I know, there's no c4dpy for Linux. I thought that the Commandline tool for Linux could have a similar role but it does't execute python scripts - it can only render a c4d scene.
I've also tried to use the python interpreter embedded in the C4D CLI but it doesn't load a c4d scene.
Do you know if it's possible (and how) to export ASS files from Linux?
Thanks for your help!
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You can use commandline -arnoldSceneExport

Help | Command line | Autodesk

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Hi Stephen,


Thanks a lot. I didn't know this option.

Do you know where may I find the list of the parameters for using -arnoldSceneExport? 

When I try "CommandLine -help" it doesn't show me any option related to this.

And when I try "CommandLine -arnoldSceneExport" it only suggests me to add a "scene=" argument.



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Oh, I haven't seen the link.
All information seems to be there.
Thanks very much,


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