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How to disable Skydome HDRI map in renders.

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How to disable Skydome HDRI map in renders.




How to disable the Skydome HDRI map in viewport and IPR renders?.  

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If you want the light from the dome but now the background just change the Camera contribution slider from 1 to 0. 

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Thanks for your time and help!,



Question please, I had created the materials for an object in Substance Painter, then exported using the Arnold template, the Height map has to connect to which input in the Arnold Standard Surface node?.

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Add a displacement node which will automatically connect to the displacement output. If its a regular height map, connect it to the normal input on the displacement node.

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Hello there,


Thanks  for your time and help!, I had connected my height map to the normal input of the Arnold displacement node that automatically connects to the displacement input in the Arnold material, but now the render is completely black.  

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Anything in the console?

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This is what I get:


[c4dtoa] 00:00:02 3696MB WARNING | [disp] /DF_3D: padding is at least 10x smaller than it should be! given disp_padding: 0, recommended: 0.0603467561

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Check out this guide from Chad Ashley. Should answer your displacement questions, its very helpful and will explain the padding field.

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