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how to automatic render and save Z depth

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how to automatic render and save Z depth


I am working on an animation and wanted to know how can I process the Z channel on its on

atm the way I work with it is after the render is done I manually have to add the filter and save each Zdepth frame which is super time consuming when its like 200 frames that I have to render is there a way where it is automatically saved in a folder

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Just add a Z AOV ?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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I do that but it exports as a regular EXR file without the filter added to it so I have to manually go through each frame and add the filter and then export it and when its like 300 frames that's a lot of work 😕
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Go to the AOV tab of the Arnold render settings and add the Z aov to the active AOV list.


It will be written to a multipass exr as a layer.

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