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How do I hide 2 shadow mattes from shading each other?

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How do I hide 2 shadow mattes from shading each other?

I'm sure it is probably a simple solution but as pictured I have two stormtroopers on top of 2 different shadow masks and that works great but the shadow mask that is higher than the other is casting shade on the other shadow mask. It's hard to see but It's the middle arrow you can see one casting on another. Is there a way to turn off the objects from seeing eachother? I tried Trace sets and messing with the parameters of shadowing but cant get anything to work. I'm not interested in creating 2 seperate AOV's for 2 shadows. How can I terminate this from happening without having to use one shadow matte plane for both of them?why.PNG

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Have you tried turning off the Shadow flag in the Arnold tag of the upper plane, the one which casts the shadow?


// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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I cannot believe I didn't see this setting the whole time! That did it like a charm. Thanks for help.

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