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how do I get ACES on to Arnold color manager ?

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how do I get ACES on to Arnold color manager ?

hey , I recently learnt about the power of ACES color space and was wondering how could I get it on my color manager under my OCIO I don't see the option ACES in my linear all I see is "auto"


using a Mac

thank you lg.

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Check out the Workflow described in the documentation:

First, you need to download the config, which contains the ACES color spaces:

Change the color manager to OCIO in Render Settings > Color manager and select the downloaded config file (e.g. aces_1.0.3/config.ocio)

There's also a great ACES tutorial by Greyscalegorilla:

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thank you so much

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so Iv done it and I've managed to set it up for my IPR and I see the difference but when rendering it stays the same as the sRGB I am rendering it as a PNG sequence is that right or should I change it to TIFF ? 32 bit

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Currently the output color space can be set only in the IPR, because Cinema 4D does not support custom OCIO color spaces, so it conflicts with the default sRGB transform in the Picture Viewer. The recommended workflow is to render to linear (e.g. EXR or 32-bit tiff) and do the output color space transform in compositing (e.g. After Effects). Or you can use an Arnold Driver where you can set the output color space to ACES.

I'm currently working on making it available in the Picture Viewer too, so hopefully this limitation will be raised in a next release soon.

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okay I understood last question tho I've set the render to a tiff 32 bit but while rendering it says RGB (32 bit) on the bottom should I be worried about or that's how it is ?

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That's completely fine.

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hi peter i wanted to know after setting up the aces cg in arnold i just simply render it and transfer to davinici and work on it using the aces color space ? or do i have to work with the fusion method rendering the AOVs ? the greyscale gorilla i wish i could watch their full tutorial but its paid 😞

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We have just released C4DtoA 3.3.1 where you can save to an 8-bit image (e.g. JPEG, PNG, etc.) from the Picture Viewer using the ACES output color space. See the new Output Color Space option under the color manager settings.

Set the color space if you save it to an 8-bit image. Leave it on <disabled> when you save it to a 32-bit image.

More info here:

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Yes, render to a 32-bit EXR or TIFF and apply the ACES output color space in your compositing application.

Now we have released C4DtoA 3.3.1 where you can also save to an 8-bit image with the ACES color space from the Picture Viewer. See my other comment.

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