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Hair doesn't follow mesh with displacement

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Hair doesn't follow mesh with displacement


how to make the roots of the hair follow a mesh with displacement?

In image below, it's just a cube with noise displacement. Hair follows the cube without displacement.

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you.


(I'm using C4DtoA-2.4.4-darwin-R18 plugin)


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Arnold exports the curves generated by C4D, so they should match the simulation. In my tests the render follows the displaced mesh properly. May I take a look at your scene?

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Here is my project, a character with a hairy nose.

We can see fur follow low poly mesh, and doesn't cover all displaced mesh.

You can dowload project with this WeTransfer link :

Thank you for your help !


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And my test with the hairy cube :

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In your setup the subdivision and displacement is done by Arnold, but the hair simulation is done by Cinema 4D, so it does not have any knowledge of the displaced geometry. You have to do all geometry transformations in C4D, so it can generate the hair curves properly.

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Thank you for your reply. I understand problem but how to resolve it ? Can I displace geometry of my mesh with a C4D shader with displacement, and add an Arnold shader ? What is the good workflow for a hairy mesh with map displacement (mesh from Zbrush) ?

Thank you again.

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You can use a Subdivision Surface object with a Displacer, like this:


Add an Arnold tag to the Subdivision Surface, so the displaced geometry is exported to Arnold.

Here's your cube scene modified:

Hope this helps.

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in reply to: Pierre-Alexandre_Loy

i have the same problem here

there is a solution for this?

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in reply to: Anonymous

If exporting the subdivided mesh from C4D above (Arnold tag on the Subdivision Surface object) does not help, then you might be facing a different issue. Please send me a scene if you can.

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