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GPU rendering with different generation of video cards

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GPU rendering with different generation of video cards

I have two 1080 ti and one 2080 ti on board. I receive this error at the very begin of render:

GPU-rendering: Selecting GPUs with different CUDA compute capabilities (7.5 and 6.1) can cause performance and stability issues; rendering could fail unexpectedly

2628MB ERROR | [gpu] an error happened during GPU context setup : Invalid device (Details: Function "_rtContextSetDevices" caught exception: All devices must be RTCore capable.)

Maybe you add a feature for rendering with different generation of video cards

For example, there is no such problem in the redshift render and everything is rendered perfectly. I want to switch to Arnold, but because of this problem of lowering the rendering power, the desire is being debugged to the side

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in reply to: ARkitcore

Optix doesn't support mixing different generations of cards. And even if it did, the slower card would slow down the faster cards.

Are you using RTX with Redshift when you use these different cards?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

No, but it start render and works fine without RTX in almost my scene. Can you tell me if I change 1080 ti to 3080, my 2080 ti card will work well with new generation videocard together

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in reply to: ARkitcore

I'm curious, how much faster is running a 2080ti+1080ti without any RTX than just the 2080ti with RTX? Is the speedup limited to only certain types of scenes?

I don't think anyone can answer just yet what limitations a 3080 (or 4080, 5080, etc.) would introduce.

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