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GPU render crashed & c4d closed without any warning or error message.

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GPU render crashed & c4d closed without any warning or error message.

Hi everyone..

I just upgraded my video card from GTX 970 to GTX 1070 ti.

I installed both of them in my system.

There is no bridge between them of course.

The main card for program & arnold render is GTX 1070 ti, and the 970 ffor displaying my two screens.

I now I need to do pre-population thing for hardware or software or any update.

I did that and I have to choose one of my GPU, and of course just the GTX 1070ti.

But after waiting 10 seconds maybe the hole thing just closed without any sign of problems.

My scene so simple no complicated things, or unsupported features.

Program : Cinema 4D R21

Arnold : v3.0.1

Driver : v441.66

Thank you in advanced.


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in reply to: majed.side

It crashes when you manually select?

So there's no rendering involved? You wrote "after waiting 10 seconds" but the sentence before that was about manually selecting a GPU.

Also, pre-population is different for different cards. You should select the card first, then pre-populate.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

Thank you Mr.Stephen..

I pretty sure I manually selected the main one and I did pre-populate..

But I will try your way again.

Thank you.

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