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Freeze for 3-5mins when starting IPR

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Freeze for 3-5mins when starting IPR

Frequently we do have the Bug, that while working in a scene, doesn't matter if big or small, fast or long rendering, doesn't matter GPU or CPU, Cinema and Arnold freezes when starting the IPR. It happens around 2 times in an hour and only on some machines here. All Win10, C4D 2024.2, newest arnold (it also was with older versions).

It then Freezes around 3-5 mins, until it starts to render.


I just had a Debug running the last time it happend, attached.

It starts with:

Arnold IPR started at Mon Feb 12 10:12:31 2024

[c4dtoa] 00:03:07 11623MB |
[c4dtoa] 00:03:07 11623MB | authorizing with license manager: network ...
[c4dtoa] 00:03:07 11623MB | [network] authorized for "87893ARNOL_2024_0F" in 0:00.02
[c4dtoa] 00:03:07 11623MB | [network] expiration date: 2024/06/26, in use: 2/7


Does hat mean it had 3mins and 7 seconds until it got the license?

Any idea how we can get rid of that?



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in reply to: baumannBMMGB

Well it does have something to do with networks. While it freezes, when I disable my network shortly, render aborts and cinema is back working. Any idea for a workround?

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Would be nice to see the license server log if there are any traces of the 3 min delay there. According to the Arnold log, the license checkout took only 20 ms and the 3 min delay happens before that. Still could be a networking issue though.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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Would be nice to see the log from before the IPR started (the Arnold Session Start part of the log).

Also, you can enable Render with Watermarks to test without licensing.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Ah, I see, the Log starts before the IPR message. Attached is the beginning of susch a freeze.

How can I get a log file from the licenseserver?


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[c4dtoa] 00:03:11  8216MB WARNING |  [c4dtoa] Some textures are not converted to Tx. Tx files are tiled and MIP-mapped textures, which are more efficient than ordinary images in terms of memory, disk or network I/O, and time. Open the Tx Manager to convert textures or set Tx Generation to auto mode in the preferences or render settings.

I suppose you have Tx Generation set to 'manual' in the render settings, right? There's a step where the plugin verifies if all textures are converted to tx files. Are your textures on a network drive maybe, which can be slow to read? What if you switch to 'auto' tx generation?

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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I'm currently testing both. They are on a network drive, the one we all work on. But it is super fast with the other softwares, and the freeze happens also, when working alone. But i will switch on the second server.

But first switching on auto tx. Thanks for the tips

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