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Fracture Voronoi object not rendering in Cinema 4D why ?

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Fracture Voronoi object not rendering in Cinema 4D why ?

Hi Everyone,

My question is really simple, since few days, when I would like to render an object with a fracture voronoi, this one isn't rendered in the final output... It's ok with the IPR… but not in the final render… someone knows why?

I'm using C4D R19 + Arnold



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in reply to: theGrizzli

I had the same error recently.

I was able to trace it to Arnold not "understanding" the subdivision surface i placed my object in.

Hence i had to bake the object with the subdivision as one whole object, then i applied an Arnold parameter tag. I then enabled the "catclark" option under the subdivision tab in the Arnold tag i applied

I hope this helps

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Do you have a simple scene showing the problem? Did it start with 2.3.0 or do you have the issue in previous release as well?

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in reply to: theGrizzli

@kennybadex kennybadex thanks for the tips, but not working on my scene 😞

@Peter Horvath here the scene, it's starts using … first time I have this issue,

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I can't download the scene: "This link is temporarily disabled. The person who shared it hit their daily limit of traffic or downloads."

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in reply to: theGrizzli

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Your scene renders fine here, the only thing I changed is to replace the missing textures. Tried with Cinema 4D R19, C4DtoA on win and osx. Do you have any error in the log (console) maybe? What's your C4D version exactly? R19.053? Win or osx?

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in reply to: theGrizzli

@Peter Horvath oO I'm using R19.053 on mac OS high Sierra + Arnold C4DtoA

I have some warning


in the log, when I use the IPR its ok but not with the render engine…

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That's strange, it seems the volume and shader plugins are not loaded, which explains why you can not render. However the IPR should not work either. Is everything alright with your installation? Can you try to reinstall the plugin?

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in reply to: theGrizzli

@Peter Horvath , I try to reinstall it, like four times… change nothing 😞 I don't know why…

this is really disapointing

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I was just checking your log again and those plugins (volume_openvdb.dylib, tfd.dylib, common_shaders.dylib) are from an old install (C4DtoA 1.x / Arnold 4), so it must be a corrupt installation. Try to manually delete the /Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R19/plugins/C4DtoA folder first, and than install again.

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You might also have to remove the /Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R19/arnold folder.

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in reply to: theGrizzli

my answer will be very strange. but I was facing this issue. try to put into cloner your Voronoi fracture and give 1 count, it will stay as the original. then render it. cheers

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in reply to: Mohamed_Sahil

Awesome, thanks, now it works!

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