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Feature request render region.

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Feature request render region.

Corona has a neat feature that allows you to define render region with help of several squares, this can help reducing re-rendering unnecessary regions. Corona also have an option not to clear picture viewer when new render is initiated. Would these two features be hard to implement?

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Neat. Should not be too difficult to implement, basically setting up and rendering multiple regions in one go. I'll add it to my todo list, thanks for the request.

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No Problem Peter, I know Corona very well, glad to leak some of its neat features although Arnold has more solid plug in implementation. Does Arnold allow the user to render only selected object? I cannot find it. Corona has it , could be another neat feature how to speed up rendering.

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We have the Isolate selected feature in the IPR for debugging purposes, which let's you render selected objects, objects with selected materials or objects lit by selected lights.

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I see it works only in IPR, is it big leap to make it work in Picture Viewer/ final render? That would be awesome.

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It is an IPR only feature by design, not sure if we want the same for the Picture Viewer, but I can easily add a 'Render selected objects' option to the render settings.

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oh yes please sir, I render Archviz 5k stills, 2 layer glass surfaces need different specular ray dept than rest of image, would cut render time significantly

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I noticed isolate selected in IPR masks out non selected objects as well as removes their ray influence on selected object. This would of course have little use in Picture Viewer.

Corona does only masking, but keeps ray influence of non selected objects. This would make sense when re-rendering one specific object in final render.

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That's right, isolate selected adds a matte to all non-selected objects. Rendering selected objects to PV requires a different approach, as you described.

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