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EXR. File from Denoiser does not render properly

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EXR. File from Denoiser does not render properly


I have a problem with the arnold denoiser in c4d. I have my image rendered with the proper settings (hopefully----) but the exr. file does not look like the render image. the floor is way too bright and does not show the texture. instead there is only a bright plane...the floor is a shadow matte, do i have to add this in the aovs?

has some one an idea and could help me? thanks in advance!

PS. just changed the shadow matte to a standart surface and the exr came out exactly like in the picture viewer...

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What does the original exr that you denoised look like?

Not what you see in the Picture Viewer, but the source exr that you gave to the Arnold Denoiser?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Could not reproduce it. Used a plane with a shadow matte and the EXR output (noisy and denoised) look correct. Can you reproduce it in a simple scene with basic objects and shading? Would it be possible to share the scene with us?

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this is the original exr image i put in the denoiser...i guess i fixe the shadow matte in the shadow tab i unchecked alpha and it rendered correctly and everything is fine. do you think this is a problem for the render/animation? thanks for lyur help!

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That option is used to control if the surface affects the alpha channel or not. It could matter in composite, otherwise you can uncheck. Maybe you were seeing the EXR with pre-multiplied alpha or something.

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what could be the effect in the composition..i have some specular problems i don´t get rid of somehow...

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It's nothing to do with specular, it's really just about if you want the surface to be visible in alpha.

Feel free to open another question about the specular issues you have.

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