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Export Arnold EXR Metadata to CSV

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Export Arnold EXR Metadata to CSV

I'm looking to pull metadata from my exr render files, such as render time, sample counts, ray depths, etc. and save to csv format

I can see these metadata tags via Fusion Studio, so I know they're there, but when I access the exr file via Exiftool, it doesn't recognize any of those Arnold-specific tags

Is there a special way that I should be referencing those metadata tags? Or a different workflow for exporting that data to csv?


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You can use oiiotool

C:\Users\blairs>%ARNOLD_PATH%\bin\oiiotool -v --info --metamatch arnold example.exr
Reading example.exr
    arnold/AA_samples: 3
    arnold/AA_seed: 6
    arnold/aovs/RGBA/filter: "gaussian_filter"
    arnold/aovs/RGBA/filter_width: 2
    arnold/aovs/RGBA/lpe: 1
    arnold/aovs/RGBA/lpe_expression: "C.*"
    arnold/aovs/RGBA/source: "RGBA"
    arnold/auto_transparency_depth: 10
    arnold/bounds_max_x: 959
    arnold/bounds_max_y: 539
    arnold/bounds_min_x: 0
    arnold/bounds_min_y: 0
    arnold/camera/far_clip: 10000
    arnold/camera/near_clip: 0.1
    arnold/color_manager: "none"
    arnold/color_space: "linear"
    arnold/diffuse_depth: 1
    arnold/diffuse_samples: 2
    arnold/fps: 24
    arnold/frame: 6
    arnold/host/hw: "2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5118 CPU @ 2.30GHz (24 cores, 48 logical) with 65154MB"
    arnold/host/name: "NOVMJ07M9WM"
    arnold/host/os: "Windows 10 (version 10.0, build 18363)"
    arnold/license_state: "invalid"
    arnold/specular_depth: 1
    arnold/specular_samples: 2
    arnold/sss_samples: 2
    arnold/stats/date: "Wed Feb 10 13:18:10 2021"
    arnold/stats/geo/curve_segments: 0
    arnold/stats/geo/triangles: 202
    arnold/stats/memory/peak: 244.023
    arnold/stats/memory/start: 78.957
    arnold/stats/rays/all/pixel: 9.24349
    arnold/stats/rays/all/total: 4.79183e+06
    arnold/stats/rays/camera/pixel: 9.24349
    arnold/stats/rays/camera/total: 4.79183e+06
    arnold/stats/time/render: 0.693922
    arnold/stats/time/setup: 0.107058
    arnold/texture_max_memory_MB: 4096
    arnold/threads: 48
    arnold/total_depth: 10
    arnold/transmission_depth: 8
    arnold/transmission_samples: 2
    arnold/version: "Arnold [903992ac] windows clang-10.0.1 oiio-2.2.1 osl-1.11.6 vdb-7.1.1 clm- rlm-12.4.2 optix-6.6.0 2021/02/09 10:40:42"
    arnold/volume_depth: 0
    arnold/volume_samples: 2

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks, Stephen

Knowing that oiiotool is an option (which seems to pack a bit of a learning curve for me), can you think of any reason why something like Exiftool wouldn't be able to read those metadata tags? Is there a specific way they're written? are they actually a different type of data altogether?

I appreciate your insight!

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Isn't exiftool a command-line tool too?
For oiiotool (which ships with c4dtoa), all you need to know is the command I showed, and you could remove the metamatch if you wanted to get all metadata.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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You'll have to bear with me here, as anything having to do with command-line is brand new to me as of a day ago..

I've got oiiotool spitting out a csv file with all the Arnold data, but the last piece of the puzzle is understanding how to format that data into columns, rather than having each tag and its data in single cells; this way I can cycle through an entire stack of exr's and sort the data

In Exiftool I would input -T to organize the data into columns. Is there an equivalent here in oiiotool?

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-T seems busted. But just -k gives this:

But still you have an extra step to convert to csv
Using : as the separator is tempting, but there are a couple of date/time fields with : them too.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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