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Emitting particels from a circular ramp in x particels

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Emitting particels from a circular ramp in x particels


i have a plane with an arnold texture (circular ramp in black and white) and want to emit the particels using the object parameter/ texture tag in the xp emitter. so i put an arnold tag on the emitter and set everything up but it won´t work with the the arnold material. when i put a normal c4d material on it everything works fine...i know you need to use a user_data_rgb node for the color input, right? so xparticels uses the information of the material.. i put the node in the base color slot and the ramp into the emission color slot put it won´t work no matter what i i have the following questions..

-do i have to put a material on the emitter, too? or is it okay only using the texture tag of the planes material. because i want to use the color values of the plane...screenshot-2021-04-25-112657.png

-do i have to put the user_data_rgb node always in the base color slot and the color input in the emission color or is there a way to use the normal base color with the user_data_node (tried a layer node but it did not work)

-can the xparticels material be of any use here?

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The Arnold Material is a custom material, basically it's just a gui representation of the Arnold shader node network, and X-Particles has no knowledge of it. So using an Arnold material to emit particles won't work, you can use only a standard C4D material (or whatever material XP can understand.)

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okay thank you so far.

in this tutorial

at minute 38 he blends together two materials which are defined by a ramp in x particels-the older the particels get the color changes from white to black and he uses the color values for the shading in the material...kind of like with a vertex there a possibility to do the same in arnold...i guess not but i just wanted to always thanks for the help!

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I'm afraid there's no equivalent of the Point Density Texture node in Arnold. If you could generate a vertex map in the mesher, that could work.

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hm okay i have tried to generate a vertex map for the vdb masher but i think it does not work...thanks for your help anyway!

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