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Disable Transmission for all materials at once?

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Disable Transmission for all materials at once?

I have converted 3DS Max exterior environment scenes that were made using the 3DforAll MaxtoC4D plugin. Importing using Standard C4D materials seems to work well but the Arnold option produces materials with the Transmission value at 1 for every material. The node graphs are simple with one Standard Surface per material with bitmaps feeding most of them. Since this is an exterior city scene there are 198 materials it would take a considerable amount of time to disable Transmission on each material and this is a fast turn around project.


Using the scene imported with Standard C4D materials and using Arnold's Utilities menu produces a similar result.


Is there a way to batch change the Transmission value?


Edit : Is there a way to batch convert every bump2D node into a Normal Map node?


Thank you.

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You could reduce transmission samples/depth to 0 in the Render Settings.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Your best shot to quickly modify shaders in batch is writing a small script, but of course it needs some programming knowledge.


I attached two scripts, one to set transmission to zero in all materials and an other one to replace bump shaders.


About the transmission, if I understand correctly you convert Standard C4d materials to Arnold materials. Transmission is set to 1 if the C4D material has a Transparency channel with either a texture or non-zero brightness. You can edit the source materials as well and disable Transparency before the conversion.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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Words cannot express my gratitude for these scripts. I can't write a script to save my life so this saved me from having to manually updated hundreds of materials for over 20 scenes. Couldn't just disable Transmission in the render settings as there are still plenty of glass objects since they're exterior city scenes.


Found through trial and error what you mentioned with disabling the Transmission in the Standard material before converting from the Arnold Utility menu.


A big feature request would be to have a dialogue for the Convert C4D Materials to Arnold that allows you to "channel map" like in Nuke or AE. Like two columns with drop downs or ports. One side C4D and the other Arnold so there were some sort of gui for idiots like me who can't script.


Thank you again.

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