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Different colors on different materials with same Arnold Material applied?

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Different colors on different materials with same Arnold Material applied?


This is a very basic question, but I really can't find any answer to this..

I have a lot of objects that have the same Arnold toon shader applied to them and I only want to change the color for each object without having to make a new material for each of them. With normal C4D Materials you can just set the color input to "display color" in the material tab and choose the color you like in the objects "Basic> Display Color" setting from the object manager. Arnold's materials don't have the "display color" option though. Is there any way to achieve this? Creating 200 different materials just for different colors is kind of a pain...

Thank you very much

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Create a user_data_rgb shader and type display_color to the Attribute field or select from the list. It will read the per object Display Color. Than connect the user data shader to any color input (e.g. standard_surface Base Color).

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Display color is exported as the display_color user data, so you can use the User Data RGB shader

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Jeeziz, thanks you so much guys, it works perfect!

Weird how there are tons of tutorials on how to randomize the color but none about picking it precisely.


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