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Difference between saving .ass as procedural or scene

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Difference between saving .ass as procedural or scene


I have a very general question that I couldn't really find the answer to within the documentation - what exactly is the difference of saving an .ass as a scene instead of a procedural? Is it only the extended options/ larger disk space or is there more to it?

Also, I am thinking about trying to break up a rather large interior scene into smaller .ass files, would that speed up render time significantly or is it only useful with objects that get cloned alot?

Thanks in advance

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The export is basically the same. If you export an ASS file in Scene mode you can still load that file in a procedural. The Procedural mode is added to the UI as a convenience, which allows exporting only nodes which can be loaded by a procedural (shapes, shaders, lights) and enables some procedural specific options (e.g. replace the exported object with the ASS procedural in the scene, etc.)

Procedurals definitely have impact on render time when used in a Cloner. Not sure about your interior scene though, I'd guess not that much. It can definitely speed up export time (no need to export those polygons), and Cinema 4D does not have to deal with those geometries (e.g. displaying only bounding boxes in the viewport, etc.).

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Great, thank you for clearing it up! I guess I will just use an XRef with a proxy for the interior then

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