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Depth matte / alpha edges of material with cutout opacity

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Depth matte / alpha edges of material with cutout opacity

Hi all!


I'm currently testing Arnold in C4D for the production of a short film - I'll be using the toon shader a lot and aiming for a very stylized look. I have come up against a very specific issue which I feel there should be an easy fix for.


In my scene, I have a few 2D planes with painted materials on them - basically a black and white painting which is plugging straight into the cutout opacity of a standard surface material. I'll be using these for background elements and to get a more stylized look. 


It looks fine in the beauty with lots of levels of grey, but in the depth pass, it looks pretty much like there is no antialiasing and it's breaking up in a very ugly way. I've attached some cropped in screenshots of my tests


Edit: After doing some digging I understand that z depth passes generally aren't aliased to account for overlapping objects and using the pass for DoF in comp which makes sense. However, I still have this problem and wonder if there is a workaround...for example, adding in fog in the environment, then using the volume opacity AOV instead? The only thing is I'd then need to somehow exclude the fog from of the beauty pass....


On a side note, is there a way to get around the issue of having to adjust the exposure of the Z pass in post? Currently I always get a plan white depth pass which I have to adjust exposure on til I can see any detail. 






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