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Custom icons for common actions

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Custom icons for common actions


Is there a way to add costume icons for common actions like "create new shader network material"? The thing is,I like to have my C4D interface costumized with palettes of the most common actions that I use in my daily work, instead of browsing through menus or memorizing inumerous short-cuts. As I use C4DtoA in a daily basis, I've built an Arnold palette with lights, cameras, etc. But the icon for "create new shader network material" and "standard surface", are the same, a white cog-wheel that as I understand is a generic common icon from C4D and the same happens for other C4DtoA commands. Meaning, adding this icons to a costume palette creates more confusion than it helps. I would gladly create (or help to create) those icons.

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They are standard commands with no icon registered. I'm not sure if it's possible to change the icon of commands in Cinema 4D. However you can use a workaround via scripts, because I know you can define custom icon for scripts.

So you can open the Script Manager and create a new script with a line of c4d.CallCommand(id), where id is the command ID number. You can find out the ID in the Customize Command... dialog.


Than you can load an icon for your script in the Script Manager and add your script to your palette.

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