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CUDA Error Code 700 with 4.6.7

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CUDA Error Code 700 with 4.6.7

After C4DtoA 4.6.7 (Core I am getting a lot of this error, which I remember from the infancy of Arnold GPU. They just randomly pop up, I understand this is an overhauled GPU renderer and this perhaps is a bug, but is there a workaround?


[gpu] CUDA call failed : (700) an illegal memory access was encountered

[gpu] GPU context creation failed : an illegal memory access was encountered

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in reply to: idollobi

We are aware of this issue. Thanks for reporting.

Can you identify what is in the scene that is causing it? Can you share details or a scene that replicates the issue?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Thank you for the followup,


I couldn't put my finger on a specific scene that causes it, I have encountered the error in all of my current projects, and the same scene works (sometimes) when I switch to CPU and switch back, Flush Cache, or reopen the same file.


Updating the nVIDIA driver, Cinema 4D, or Windows didn't affect it.


I will share a scene as soon as I find a scenario that crashes 100% of the time, right now it is all over the place.

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Small development on the issue, seems like the error is specific to 40XX nVidia cards, All my scenes work well with the new Arnold on an older Quadro card, but as soon as I switch back to 4090(s) it crashes right away.

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in reply to: idollobi

Hi @idollobi,


We released yesterday. It has some fixes so could be worth giving that a shot to see if it helps things. If its it still not resolved. Do you by chance have a simple scene that causes the crash that you could send us so that we can reproduce it on our end?

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