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Cryptomatte in C4D causes render to fail during team render

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Cryptomatte in C4D causes render to fail during team render

I'm getting errors from my team render client saying that it cannot find the cryptomatte file (the file path is specified in the driver on the server machine). I've tried everything. It's very strange because as soon as I turn off (uncheck) the Cryptomatte driver in the object hierarchy, team-render works fine. And Crytopmatte ALSO works fine if I don't team-render.

Any ideas?

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Is the issue specific to cryptomatte, or happens with any driver? First of all note, that single frame Team Render is not supported with Arnold drivers at the moment. If you render a frame sequence, it should work, but note that the Arnold drivers are executed on the client machines, which means the path has to be valid on each client (e.g. using a network drive). If the path is different (e.g. mixed Win and Mac clients), then you can use an environment variable as the prefix in the path:


And define the variable on each client. Check out this page, how to do that. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Peter. I haven't experimented with any driver other than Cryptomatte. But your note clarified something for me: I was attempting to render one frame only (which failed) but I will attempt to render frame sequences next and see how the Cryptomatte driver performs across my client machines (which are all Mac, btw).

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