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Correct Colors on PSD Export

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Correct Colors on PSD Export

I am working on project where my client needs specific brand colors. I enter the color codes given when creating an Arnold material. I know there will be some variations in the color because HDRI, lighting, etc. I am rendering the file out as 16 bit PSD's for photoshop. I work in AdobeRGB inside of photoshop and all the files come out of Cinema 4D with sRGB color space. I can manually shift the colors back to the correct color, but with a lot of files this is a lot of extra work. Is there a way to export from Cinema and Arnold to AdobeRGB so I do not have to color correct each file?

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I'm not sure AdobeRGB is available in the OCIO v1 config, but should be in the OCIO v2 config. Here's a discussion about OCIO configs:

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The default color manager in Arnold 7 (C4DtoA 4.0.0) now uses an OCIO v2 config, which has support for AdobeRGB.

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Peter, Thank you for sharing.

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