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Controlling two displacement shaders in one material

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Controlling two displacement shaders in one material


I am building a mountain landscape and want to combine a rock material and a snow material (classic one i know). so far so good i built the two materials and put them in a layer shader and controll them with a vertex map.

Next i want to have displacement for the rock and the snow. So my question is how can i combine the two displacements and how does cinema know which displacement is for which shader....I found some post here which go in the same dircetion but not one for this exact problem...Thanks i advance and i would be really gratefull if some one could help me!

PS:I am also struggeling super hard again to achieve a good look with the displacement. the top of the rocks look super round and big and the typologie is not visible...there are almost no details and it´s all super clumsy...the landscape object has 700x700 segments and 4 iterations which should be fine? my computer can´t mangage much more and if i change some values the loading times are always super long...the displacement value is 0.3



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Sorry for the late reply. You should be able to control the displacement via a layer_float shader (normal displacement) or layer_rgba (vector displacement) using the same vertex map you use for the surface. Something like this:


Note, that if you are referencing other materials, you can access only the beauty from the reference but not the displacement at the moment. It's on my todo list to add support for displacement references as well, but it's not yet implemented.

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no problem with the delay...i am always glad for your help an will try this asap.


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