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Control timing of procedurals in cloner

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Control timing of procedurals in cloner


I have a few animated Arnold procedurals in a cloner and would love to be able to randomize their start time offsets for more variation. I've tried just about everything to get this happening (xpresso etc..) but I seem to have hit a brick wall. Is it possible to control a procedurals start time with mograph?

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What you need, is to randomize the integer offset parameter of the clones generated by the Cloner, right? If you can not do it via Xpresso then it's not possible, I'm afraid. It would require a custom export logic. As a workaround you can have multiple procedurals with different offsets under the Cloner, but it's not as flexible of course.

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Thanks for the reply Peter. Considering that procedurals are kinda' made for cloning, the more control over them via mograph the better. If it's not hard to add that functionality to the core it would be amazing.

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