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Colors too light in new node materials? - Color space issue?

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Colors too light in new node materials? - Color space issue?

Hey all,


Since updating to recent versions of cinema/c4dtoa, the base colors of my standard surface materials are much too light. This is whether using RGB references, or just working with HSV.


For example, using a specific RGB reference for a Client's brand colour. How it appears in cinema is significantly lighter than in other software.


Take the V slider of the HSV for another example - The white end of the spectrum seems way too wide, with the black end being squished right down. What I would consider 'White' seems to extend way down the slider from 70-75% to 100%, whereas picking a color I would consider a type of black is only possible in from 0-2%ish, anything with a higher value than that is definitely entering the realms of grey.


It feels difficult to describe accurately, but the best analogy I can think of is that the gamma value has been cranked really high within the material somehow, and the mid tones have all been lifted/boosted.


The problem only seems to be when setting color using the materials built in procedural settings - when I load a bitmap texture into the color channel, it looks as expected.


This difference in how colors render is only since moving from Arnolds shader network to C4Ds node materials.


It seems like something to do with color spaces, however I know very little about the technicalities of that so reluctant to just start messing with settings I have no idea about.


I hope this query makes sense, its quite difficult to describe but maybe someone had the same issue and found the solution?




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I suppose you are using the default Basic color management in Cinema 4D project settings. The difference is that the legacy material (Arnolds shader network) stores colors in sRGB space, while the Node Material in linear sRGB space. You can quickly verify by converting a legacy material to a Node material. The RGB/HSV value displayed in the UI is different, while the render is the same.


I recommend switching to OpenColorIO color management in the project settings. Then you can select which color space you want to see the values in the color widget.



// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer

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