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Color space dropdowns values displaying wrong info / disappearing

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Color space dropdowns values displaying wrong info / disappearing

* Might have already been indirectly fixed for the next update via indication of answer by @peter_horvath

Also sorry for the info dump.

Scene file:

It's best you look at my attached scene file since I can't seem to get this to work without my render setting presets. The scene file is a completely new blank file, except for my render presets loaded from new.c4d in my C4D preferences folder.

Basically the color space section, when set to OCIO and a valid config.ocio file path set, shows that the sRGB and Render color space dropdowns display incorrect info / fail to get the correct color space info. I have no idea why and haven't been able to reproduce the problem easily.

All I can see is that the dropdowns show wrong information, and sometimes switch to other wrong information, seemingly randomly when I switch to view or activate other
render settings groups and switch back. Any combination of clicking around between groups, resetting the config.ocio path, and creating new render settings groups from scratch shows that the information in those two color space dropdowns sometimes change unpredictably.

My favorite is when i create a new from scratch group, set to arnold, ocio, config.ocio file path, see that the 2 dropdowns correctly grabbed the ACES color space info, view another group, go back to my new group and see the dropdowns have changed to default colorspace info (sRGB, linear) or completely blank. Resetting the file path doesn't fix it.

Really lost to what the cause could be. Maybe it's caused by some kind of corruption since I have both Arnold and Octane render setting presets loaded by default for me in new.c4d. Experiment around if you want or maybe it was already fixed for the next update.

The only thing I'm confident about right now is that the problem is caused by the existence of multiple render settings groups. Caused by differing color management settings?

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Thanks for reporting the issue. I can reproduce it, looks pretty odd. Investigating.

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I think I got it. Seems like default color spaces are set based on the active group and not the one actually selected. Fix is coming.

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