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cant open c4d after install arnold

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cant open c4d after install arnold

Hi, C4d r20 froze at the initializing plugins before opening, I have nvidia geforce 2080ti GPU also I updated geforce latest driver as well(Nvidiva Studio 457.30). I can open C4D if I uninstall arnold. Please adivce about soloution ..

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Which version of Cinema 4D R20 do you use exactly? The minimum requirement is R20.057.

Is this new with the latest release? Did previous versions of the plugin work (e.g. C4DtoA

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I am using 0.59 version of R 20. Yes 5-6 days ago I worked on it. Today I made updates arnold and gpu after that even with reload old drivers ı could not open program again.

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I installed r23 now its all working.

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I'm also on R20.059 and it's working fine for me. Does it work if you install back the previous version (which was working before)?

Could you please try to get the output log of the cinema startup? Open the Command Prompt (cmd) from the start menu and run:

"c:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20\CINEMA 4D.exe" > "%UserProfile%\cinema_output.txt"

Then send me the file cinema_output.txt from your HOME folder. I hope there's something in there which can give us a clue.

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Glad to hear it's working now. Not sure what was the issue in R20, but since we haven't got any other similar reports so far, could be just a local isolated case (I hope :)).

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