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Can you tell me, why this is not rendering in 6K? (It does in 1920x1920px)

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Can you tell me, why this is not rendering in 6K? (It does in 1920x1920px)

Hey all,

I have a bottle with transparent "liquid" in it and some condensation drops on it. It renders fine in 1920 (GPU about 18 min) and I already rendered a version in 6144x6144px (GPU about 2hrs). But now I had to change the condensation (fewer drops, slightly changed bump map). And now it pretends to render (same in "render to PV" and render queue). But I left it run for about 10hrs already. Then I canceled the render (cancelling crashes C4D every time, btw).


This is my rig:


And here's the file:

(Just changed the 4k label texture with a 4k UV-grid texture, because of client).


Thank you for any hint!


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Is it necessary to render in 6K? You could just upscale it using some AI tools. It's probably because you don't have enough VRAM.

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Thanks fot the reply! Actually 6K is the bare minimum, because it will be a 2m display tray. In the meantime I actually managed to render it. I reduced some of the texture files and purged memory and such things. So you're probably right about VRAM. 

If that did not work I was thinking about rendering tiles using the cameras "film magnify" and "film offset". But I am happy it worked out this way...

Thx again!


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