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Can the IRP panel not be made smaller?

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Can the IRP panel not be made smaller?

Arnold continues to crash cinema if a third monitor is used with a layout (Cycles 4d has no issues with this - 3080 10gb and win 11pro), this has been on ongoing issue with r25/26. In the mean time i am trying to rearrange things for two screens but the IPR is massive and can't be made smaller. (either on its own or docked with other panels). Is there a trick?

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Could you please give me more detail about that crash? Does it crash when the layout is loading? Does it matter what dialog is docked on the layout or what's displayed on the third monitor? Do you have a _BugReport.txt file in HOME\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Maxon Cinema 4D R25_xxxxxxxx\_bugreports folder after the crash you can share?

About the IPR window size, I guess the toolbar is the reason why it can't be made smaller. You can try hiding elements which you don't need via the View > Toolbar menu, like the color space chooser, etc.

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