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Can't send my scene to a render farm, missing hdri texture C4DtoA

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Can't send my scene to a render farm, missing hdri texture C4DtoA

So, I have applied an hdri exr as a texture to an Arnold Sky Dome and saving "project with assets" to be sent to a render farm. (That created scene renders just fine both in the IPR and on my local computer.)
When I do a scene check in the render farm application to see if all assets are ok I get a warning telling me that "absolute textures are detected, please save project with assets"...

For some reason C4DtoA doesn't find that hdri texture file even if it's in the newly created tex folder.
If I ty to replace it with the same texture, from the same path, Cinema asks me if I want to copy it to the right path and immediately makes a duplicate in that same path.

Right now I have no clue how to fix this and why this is happening.

Any inputs on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Have all of your images been converted to .tx before saving with assets?

With perplexing problems, sometimes it works to copy everything from the Object Manger and paste into a new file. The only thing that isn't copied over is the render settings. You'll have to change those to match your original settings.

Which render farm are you using?

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Thank's Alex!
Actually I tried to relink it to the tx file but that didn't work either.
I tried to upload the render to the farm and it seemed to work but it feels a bit sketchy not knowing.

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