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Can I use Allegorithmic Substances within Arnold 5?

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Can I use Allegorithmic Substances within Arnold 5?

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This is something you could do with the previous version of Arnold. However, now you can actually take advantage of Substance Painter’s powerful ‘native’ PBR Metallic workflow to achieve even better results.


I’m going to assume you’ve already installed the Substance Engine plugin and have downloaded a Substance file (.sbar).

  1. Go to Pipeline> Substance Engine> Load Substance… and select the substance you want to use.
  2. This will pop open the Substance Asset Manager…
  3. As well as display the Substance Asset properties. Depending on the Substance, you’ll have a variety of controls to fine tune the material to your liking.
  4. With the Substance Asset selected in the Substance Asset Manager, go to Plugins> C4DtoA> Materials> Convert the selected Substance Asset to an Arnold Material.
  5. BOOM… you now have a fully functional Substance Material ready to be rendered with Arnold.


Of course, you can continue to adjust the appearance of the material by selecting the Substance Asset in the Substance Asset Manager and fine-tuning the properties.

As this is a frequently asked question we have provided both the question and answer in this thread.

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